Sponsorship Information

Sponsorship Information

The MICROBIOTEC is characterized as an international and innovative scientific forum that promotes the sharing of knowledge, ideas and scientific policies as well as regulatory issues associated with Microbiology and Biotechnology.

In this virtual edition, we intend to create an open platform that serves to bring together interlocutors from academia and industry and foster collaborations between researchers and relevant _stakeholders_ in various areas – Health Microbiology and Biotechnology, Molecular Microbiology, Pathogenesis, Microbial Physiology, Genomics, Systems Biology, Environmental Microbiology, Biotechnology, Bioprocess Engineering and Emerging Technologies.

We will also promote a reflection focused on the contribution of Microbiology and Biotechnology to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in close connection with health, industry, technology, environment, food safety and microbiological heritage.

The scientific program will consist of plenary lectures, lectures, oral communications and presentation of _posters_ selected from the submitted abstracts.

In this sense, we invite your company to sponsor Microbiotec21. The different possibilities are summarized in the image below.

Values plus VAT.

For more information, please, contact: 

Organideia – Organização Profissional de Congressos, Lda.
Phone: +351 239 801 009
e-Mail: microbiotec21@organideia.pt